The New Voids

No matter how material is that world. Forms come from the unknown and never are achieved. Enhancement and progressivity. So does art, so does space, so does truth, so do our souls.

Skins Monologues

Images and ideas from the deep.

Drawings without any idea of composition. The page is a space and a laboratory where shapes come to life, generated by desire. Desire is 1/ an accident 2/ imperfect 3/ confused 4/ not for share 5/ purest thought we're able to.

These are portraits of living things whe're carrying.

Oldest works


Monotypes, 1988 > 2015

From tiny dimensions to large print, black or color, sometimes included dries flowers, insects, and illustrations for Poliphile N°2 (arts and sciences revue).

Drawings, editable as Epson digigraphy print, on request.

Various medium, ink and paper.

Products / Events

T-shirt (High Quality, serigraphy or digital color print), models, licence, live drawing performance, graphic wall assault, etc., on request. Paypal account available. For orders over 200 € shipping costs offered.

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